David C. Jones
at his book signing
Boca Raton, Fl

I am married with three grown daughters and four wonderful grandchildren. I have served on staff at major drug and alcohol treatment centers treating chemical addiction since 1983.

I have applied my training and experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction to the development of both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for nicotine Addiction. I wrote the book, “Yes! You Can Stop Smoking, even if you don't want to”. My book has been used by treatment centers, health care agencies, therapists, hospitals and individuals all across the country.

I have provided programs to the United States Military Southern Command, Hagerstown, MD Mental Health, Hanley Treatment Center, Behavioral Health Treatment Center, Advanced Recovery Center, Rutland Center, Dublin, Ireland and the New York Mets Minor League. David Jones provides training to counselors, doctors, nurses and professionals.

Working with hundreds of smokers I've found that a number of people were dependent on the antidepressant properties of nicotine to medicate underlying emotional issues. As a result I wrote a textbook and a workbook on emotional stress.  When I combined treatment for nicotine addiction along with help for the emotional issues recovery rates went up significantly.

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